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Plastic Pollution - Is Canada Doing Enough? Post 1 of 4

by Beth Dunlop 31 May 2024
Plastic Pollution - Is Canada Doing Enough? Post 1 of 4

The 4th of 5 UN summits to end Plastic Pollution was held in Ottawa from April 23 to 29th.

Delegates from 176 countries met to further negotiate the “Global Treaty to End Plastic Pollution”, which is set to be finalized by the end of 2024, after the final session in Nov/Dec.

The process of negotiation is mired in the details of processes, responsibilities, and accountability, not to mention how it will move forward.

Our question to you! Is Canada doing enough to end plastic pollution? Will Canada set its own targets and commit solutions without waiting for the Global Treaty?

❓ We ask you - is Canada doing enough?

➡️ CBC coverage clip: 

➡️ Summary of INC-4 – in detail: 

➡️ Canadian Government News Release:

‼️ In the next post - What Canada is doing – what is working, and what isn’t.



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