Our Story

Each day we make choices. 

These choices have an intended and unintended consequences.

There are downsides to everything; there are unintended consequences to everything

- Steve Jobs

Hi - great to meet you,

I was born in Tanzania. My formative years as a young boy were spent in Tanzania, and Somalia. And attending school in England. The challenges of living in remote African locations taught me about scarcity of resources, and reusing materials. 


I moved to Canada from the United Kingdom. I fell in love with the natural beauty and splendour of Beautiful British Columbia and Canada. I was amazed at how clean and litter free everything was. The beauty of the forests and the watersheds was breath taking.


I felt a duty to play my part in helping protect and preserve this for future generations. The more I read and informed myself about plastic pollution and 'natural' cleaning products, the more I was convinced, this would not remain for future generations to enjoy!


So, 'Live for Tomorrow' was born! 


Why Live for Tomorrow? We have and continue to make daily decisions without any thought to the future consequences. We must as individuals and society think about Tomorrow. 


So we started to make natural, non toxic cleaning products which were sustainably packed, encouraging reuse. 


I hope you join us on our journey to "Live for Tomorrow"..


Munu Hicken-Gaberria / Founder & Visionary

Our Mission & Vision

LFT Group was established on the premise that we would help consumers make better choices for their daily cleaning needs by providing them with products. that are not harmful to families or the environment. 


Our philosophy is based on honesty, integrity and transparency. Passionate about what we do, we take the upmost care in the creation of our Live for Tomorrow products. Our team believes in sharing each and every ingredient so you can rest easy knowing our products are formulated using only plant and mineral based ingredients, including 100% pure essential oils for our fragrances.

Our Products
LFT's mission is to source the highest quality natural ingredients and deliver competitively priced products to make being green as simple as:
Natural products and ingredients - Third party verified
Safe for you and the environment
Non-toxic and Plant & Mineral Based
The Evolution of Live for Tomorrow Packaging
Glass Milk Bottles
Launched Live for Tomorrow products using milk bottles to encourage return for reuse. To encourage return, a $1 deposit was charged.


Launched Bulk Options for Refills

Live for Tomorrow bulk refill options launched. We began collecting back pails for
Aluminium Packaging
Re-branded, re-formulated and re-packaged Live for Tomorrow products for a better and more sustainable product line.
Clean + Effective + Safe
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