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LFT: Proud Finalist of “Green Business of the Year”

by Beth Dunlop 10 May 2024
LFT: Proud Finalist of “Green Business of the Year”

Each year the Business Excellence Awards celebrate and recognize outstanding organizations and individuals in the Tri-Cities that demonstrate excellence in business and a passion for the community, and LFT Group Brands Ltd is honoured and grateful to have been nominated and chosen as a Finalist for the “Green Business of the Year” category. 🎉

"We are so proud to be recognized as a business that demonstrates an outstanding desire to create positive change through sustainability, environmentalism, education and action. Congratulations to Moment Energy who was the successful recipient of the 2024 Green Business Award!"


About Live for Tomorrow:

  • Live for Tomorrow, owned by LFT Group Brands Ltd ("LFT"), is an award-winning brand of all-natural cleaning and personal care products that are designed to be refilled and are highly recyclable (primarily packaged in aluminum bottles). We support the zero-waste movement by offering all our products in bulk to encourage refill, either locally at our Factory Showroom & Refill Store in Port Coquitlam, and/or at our retail partner refilleries located across Canada, which represents over 70% of our business model. With refilleries within the Tri-Cities, we contribute further to local economic sustainable growth.
  • We consider the full life cycle of products in our product development and adhere to a strict “Refuse-Reduce-Reuse” principle, whereby we minimize procurement of new materials or supplies, through re-use. We buy local where possible, choosing long lasting / high quality options first, with a priority on reused or recycled content and refuse ingredients and materials that do not meet our standards. The majority of our consumer sized products are packaged in aluminum, so can be readily recycled when no longer used for refill.
  • Our formulations are highly concentrated (water conservation), and all ingredients are 100% plant and mineral based and toxin free. This means no additional toxins added to local water systems.
  • Our bulk packaging return for reuse program is widely used by our retail partners thereby minimizing the purchase of virgin packaging and reducing energy by avoiding recycling and eliminating landfill waste, thereby actively participating in the circular economy.
  • Our team lives and breathes our corporate values which includes being “environmental stewards”, which is built into the LFT team's DNA and is a component of annual performance reviews.
  • LFT has a waste management program in place that includes recycling (we are the only business in our industrial complex in the Diamond Triangle to do so), separate organic waste for composting, and collecting glass for safe recycling disposal. We are committed to be discerning in our purchasing choosing sustainability, local as much as possible, and fair trade over price.
  • We support our team with the provision of fair-trade / organic refreshments and filtered water to avoid single use packaging and plastics.
  • LFT is active in the community participating in community events to share information with the general public on issues like PVA, toxic ingredients, and the importance of protecting earth's drinkable water, which is limited and the sustainability of which is in jeopardy. In 2023, LFT exhibited at the Tri-Cities Chamber Business Showcase and we were delighted to host a Tri-Cities Chamber Mix & Mingle as part of our community giving event in support of SHARE Family Services, where we raised $1k in funds and collected 190 pounds of food for SHARE.  During this event we shared information on Live for Tomorrow and promoted sustainability.
  • In Fiscal 2023 (to Oct 31), sales of our Live for Tomorrow products resulted in: 44,330 of single use plastic bottles saved from being disposed in the landfill; 202 tonnes of CO2 saved; 8,217kg of barrels of oil saved that would have been used to make plastic bottles; and 150,455 of water saved, due to LFT's highly concentrated formulas.
  • Every 500ml Live for Tomorrow product packaged in aluminum saves 0.72kg of CO2 and 14.18 kg of oil versus a typical plastic jug, when you factor in the manufacturing of the plastic jug and the freight associated with the finished product.
  • Since LFT began tracking its sustainability impact in 2015, sales of our Live for Tomorrow products has resulted in:
    • 943k of single use plastic bottle saved from being disposed in the landfill; 676 tonnes of CO2 saved;
    • 98k of barrels of oil saved; and
    • 2 million litres of water saved, due to LFT's highly concentrated formulas
    • …and counting!
  • All Live for Tomorrow products are vegan and cruelty free, and the brand has received numerous awards which include “Eco Excellence” from Natural Child World ("NCW") and “Eco Friendly Product of the Year” from Creative Child Magazine. In 2023, Live for Tomorrow received the following awards from the 2023 Creative Child Magazine and 2023 Baby Maternity Magazine Awards Programs, including: 2023 Product of the Year Award (Parenting Laundry Aids category) and 2023 Eco-Friendly Product Award (Eco-Friendly Laundry Aids category) for our Oxygen Wash Booster Powder, 2023 Seal of Excellence award (Parenting Cleaning Aids category) and 2023 Eco-Friendly Product Award (Eco-Friendly Cleaning Aids category) for our Washing Machine Cleaner, 2023 Top Choice of the Year Award (Family Cleaning Products category) and 2023 Eco-Friendly Product Award (Eco-Friendly Parent Cleaning category) for our Oxygen Wash Booster Powder.
  • LFT is the proud recipient of the Port Moody Spike awards in 2014 and 2017 for Environmental Sustainability and Environmental Leadership, respectively.
  • Since 2007, LFT has remained true to our principles and commitments to do no harm to the environment through our mission “Creating the best eco-friendly solutions for conscious consumers to protect the environment” and to achieve our vision of “A better world for people and the planet – one wash at a time”. We continually work on improving our products and practices, with our next goal of securing B Corp certification.


Congratulations to all the Tri-Cities Chamber of Commerce 2024 Business Excellence Award Nominees, Finalists and Recipients!


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