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Unwrap Sustainability on a Budget

by Beth Dunlop 13 Dec 2023
Unwrap Sustainability on a Budget

Your Holiday Gift Guide for Affordable Zero Waste Gifting in Canada

The holiday season is upon us, the time to focus on loved ones. It is also the time for gift giving, but there's no need to break the bank to spread sustainable cheer. We've curated a list of brands that focus on environment, giving back to the community, and zero waste principles—all while being budget-friendly. From eco-friendly ideas to wallet-conscious options, we've got you covered with suggestions and sources, all available in Canada.

Help the planet and your pocketbook with these gift giving options:

  • Give the gift of your expertise to help someone in need, this costs you only time;
  • Have a gift you have not used? Wrap it up with clean newspaper or reused gift-wrapping paper, add a ribbon and give it a new home;
  • Purchase items from secondhand shops, or better yet, thrift stores that support charitable causes; or
  • If you purchase new items – make sure the items are environmentally friendly – focus on quality, non-toxic ingredients, zero waste or sustainable packaging, and the longevity of the item. Gift items that are plant-based and refillable are great for the environment!

Here is a list of great brands that are helping to make a positive difference:

 Unwrap Sustainability on a Budget

1. Abeego - beeswax food wrap

Products from $18.00

Sixteen years ago, Abeego launched the first beeswax wrap, to solve the issue of rotting, slimy food in plastic containers. The problem vanishes when you eliminate the root cause: airtight plastic. 

Abeego beeswax food wrap protects, breathes, & mimics nature's peel to extend the life of fresh food longer than you've ever thought possible. Abeego is B Corp Certified, proudly made in Canada and uses pure Canadian beeswax to make Canada's leading breathable beeswax wrap.


 Unwrap Sustainability on a Budget

2. ChopValue – items made from chopsticks

    Products from $10.00

    ChopValue is a B Corp certified company that is focused on the circular economy with a mission to transform and elevate waste resources into new materials and valuable products.

    They offer a diverse collection of beautifully crafted products made entirely from re-purposed chopsticks. A great gift idea for family and friends.


    Unwrap Sustainability on a Budget

    3. Elate Beauty – ethical and sustainable cosmetics

    Products from $8.00

    A certified B Corp, Elate Beauty believes that the makeup in our cosmetics case shouldn’t compromise the health of any person, animal or the planet. That’s why their products are 100% vegan and cruelty-free. They’re over 75% organic, and they always choose fair trade over organic when they can’t have both because it’s important to them that farmers and their workers are paid fairly and operate safely.

    And with packaging that can be reused and recycled (and even planted), that waste-free future is within reach.


    Unwrap Sustainability on a Budget

    4. tentree – clothing with sustainability in mind

    Products from $10.00 

    Tentree believes big change starts small. Small as in bringing your own bags to the grocery store, or drinking from a reusable water bottle—or making sustainable choices when you shop.

    For every item purchased, tentree plant trees, to regenerate ecosystems, capture carbon and provide planting jobs in communities around the world. All of their products are created with an Earth-First approach, meaning they’re made in fair, safe working conditions, and constructed using only sustainably sourced and recycled materials.


    Unwrap Sustainability on a Budget

    5. Camp Candle Co – west coast inspired candles

    Products from $9.00

    Made with a custom blend of natural and organic soy and coconut wax that is sustainably grown and harvested. The products contain no paraffins, phthalates or any other harsh chemicals and no essential oils that are deemed toxic to pets.

    Available at

    or at:


    Unwrap Sustainability on a Budget

    6. JusTea – farmer direct tea from Kenya

    Products from $9.00

    JusTea offers the first and only farmer-direct tea from Kenya. Partnering directly with small-scale tea farming families and communities to ensure that the farmers are paid a fair wage. Reinvesting in the community so that you get the freshest, most delicious tea possible.


    Unwrap Sustainability on a Budget

    7. Zazubean – high quality chocolates for an active lifestyle

    Products from $6.00

    Zazubean’s motto is: "Good For The Growers, Good For The Planet, Good For You."

    Why settle for ordinary chocolate? Zazubean's Superfood Chocolate Bars are made with wholesome cacao and the added nutrition of powerful ancient superfoods!

    They don’t put any Junk or weird stuff into their bars, no fillers or additives - just clean, simple ingredients. Gourmet Superfood bars have smart ingredients to enhance the health benefits of their chocolate, while still being so delish!

    Organic | Fair Trade Certified | Vegan | Gluten-free I Soy-free I Kosher


    Unwrap Sustainability on a Budget

    8. Scoria – cork yoga mats

    Products from $16.00

    Scoria’s mission is to offer environmentally sustainable yoga equipment that rewilds the inner-child and inspires the imagination; all while focusing on quality and contributing to an inclusive and better world.

    Scoria is a proud partner of Right To Play, committed to giving a portion of proceeds to safe education for Indigenous youth; which empowers kids in their day to day, teaches life-skills and career education through play, and brings access to community that celebrates diversity and their Indigenous roots.


     Unwrap Sustainability on a Budget

    9. Live for Tomorrow – plant-based cleaning & personal care products

    Products start from $7.95

    Seventeen years ago, LFT Group Brands Ltd launched the Live for Tomorrow line of plant and mineral-based cleaning products. Free from any toxic ingredients and packaged in glass milk bottles to encourage return and reuse, before plastic became a concern and the growth of the Zero Waste movement. Today, we remain true to our founding premise that we would help consumers make better choices for their daily cleaning needs by providing them with products that are not harmful to families or the environment. Our award-winning products are made from the highest quality natural ingredients, are highly concentrated to minimize water content and size, are packaged sustainably, and are designed to be refilled.

    Check out our great holiday deals and gift cards options.



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