More than a just a brand, Live for Tomorrow is a way of life.



Be the Change and Make a Difference with #PlanetLFT!

Because of you - our retail partners and our loyal customers - together with our sustainable packaging and concentrated formulas we have saved:

You can make a difference - whether you are a product user or a retailer - Take action today for a cleaner tomorrow and clean with a purpose. Here is how:

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  7. Retailers – carry our award-winning line of premium, plant and mineral based products or take it one step further and support the #ZeroWaste movement by setting up a refill station. Learn more here about becoming a retail partner.


#PlanetLFT is also about supporting our communities. Over the years LFT has supported registered charities like WaterAid, Plan Canada, and Homes for Heroes Foundation, as well as smaller local organizations such as the Port Moody Fingerling Festival, and the Burke Mountain Naturalists Society. Keep an eye out for new activities in our #CommunityCorner.

Want to learn more?

See below what our fans and retail partners have to say about Live for Tomorrow.


“Dirt Happens” 8x Liquid Laundry Detergent 

“5 out of 5 stars 

Great stuff! 

I really like the fact that it makes my clothes smell great, it is easy on our septic system and I find it has no trouble cleaning up the dirtiest clothing that my husband brings me. I would highly recommend this laundry liquid.” ~ Nicole 

“Soft Spot” 8x Fabric Softener 

"My husband had suffered from a rash for years; it was attributed to traditional fabric softener sheets. Since we began using “Soft Spot” he has been free of any irritation... thank you!” ~ Linda 

“Dish the Dirt” Concentrated Dish Liquid, Grapefruit 

My favourite thing about this soap, besides its powerful cleaning ability, is the pump...I don't have to pick up the bottle with my greasy hands to pour the soap onto the dishes or onto the sponge. Plus, the stainless-steel bottle looks nice in my kitchen!” ~ Baby Maternity / Creative Child Reviewer 

This is a great natural soap with a nice scent. I'm comforted knowing I can wash my dishes without chemicals being left behind for future food use. It removes the toughest grease. When choosing to use all natural products for the kitchen, bathroom, and laundry this is a must add to the household cleaning arsenal.” ~ Baby Maternity / Creative Child Reviewer 

“Its non-toxic and gets tough stains and hard foods off! That seems perfect! The bottle is large and has a nice durable feel to it.” ~ Baby Maternity / Creative Child Reviewer 

“Dish the Dirt” Dishwasher Powder 

“I was given a sample of the dishwasher powder to try and I can honestly say I’m impressed. The powder tackled a crusty and caked on casserole dish like a linebacker catching a quarterback out in the open. Nothing was left but a clean dish. No residue left over either on the wine glasses. It’s a great product and we’ll certainly be using it again in my house.” ~ Paul 

“Elbow Grease” All Purpose Cleaner 

“This all purpose cleaner smells so good, like citrus. I like that I can clean my entire house safely, with this product (since it is biodegradable/phosphate free)!” ~ Baby Maternity / Creative Child Reviewer

“Clean Mitts” Hand Soap 

“This soap leaves my hands feeling soothed and soft instead of parched and cracked like other hand soaps. The smell is mild and pleasant, not overpowering at all. It's a large bottle so it will last a long time!” ~ Baby Maternity / Creative Child Reviewer 

“Clean Mitts” Hand Soap – Rosemary Orange Blossom 

“Safety Sake” Hand Sanitizer 

“I fancy myself a bit of a hand sanitizer connoisseur as a result of these pandemic times… and this hand sanitizer spray was both fab in feeling (not slimy) and has a pleasant smell.” ~ Dr. D 


Clean with us. Clean with a purpose.

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