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Tackle grease-laden dishes with this concentrated formula available in Grapefruit or Rosemary Orange Blossom (essential oil scents!) - or Fragrance Free in both the liquid and the powder. Bonus? The liquid is aesthetically pleasing to leave on the counter for easy access to squirt directly into the sink or on a sponge – with no drippy mess! All are hypoallergenic, septic safe and free of all the nasties! 




"My favourite thing about this soap, besides its powerful cleaning ability, is the pump... I don’t have to pick up the bottle with my greasy hands to pour the soap onto the dishes or onto the sponge. Plus, the stainless-steel bottle looks nice in my kitchen!"

— Baby Maternity Magazine Reviewer 


"I was given a sample of the dishwasher powder to try and I can honestly say I’m impressed. The powder tackled a crusty and caked on casserole dish like a linebacker catching a quarterback out in the open. Nothing was left but a clean dish. No residue left over either on the wine glasses. It’s a great product and we’ll certainly be using it again in my house." 

— Paul 

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  • Dishwasher Powder, Unscented, 670 loads, 10L | 2.6G

    Dishwasher Powder, Unscented, 670 loads, 10L | 2.6G

    "Dish the Dirt" Fragrance Free Dishwasher Powder Load your dishwasher with a healthier, natural and non-toxic cleaning product that truly performs! Just one scoop Live for Tomorrow’s Unscented plant and mineral based powder will leave your dishes...

  • Dishwashing Liquid, Unscented, 3.8L | 1G, Case of 4

    Dishwashing Liquid, Unscented, 3.8L | 1G, Case of 4

    To Use: Pump until you get a steady stream.To Wash: Squirt detergent onto cleaning applicator and use. For best results, use with warm water. These suds are for your sink. Not for use in Auto Dishwasher machines. Ingredients: Deionized water, Coco...

2 of 2 Items