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About Us

Families shouldn’t have to put themselves or the environment at risk by using wasteful products full of yucky chemicals just to enjoy a squeaky clean home.

Live for Tomorrow uses concentrated, all-natural plant and mineral based ingredients delivered in reusable packaging.

All Natural, Non-Toxic, and Chemical Free Ingredients

We believe in making it easy for people to live green and clean, and do this by placing equal care and focus on the quality ingredients we use, the concentrations of our formulas, and the packaging that you get the goods in! What isn’t in your home is just as important as what is, which is why we’ll never use any synthetics, toxins, or carcinogens in anything we make; just all-natural plant and mineral based ingredients and 100% pure essential oils for our amazing fragrances.

Everything is Hypoallergenic, Biodegradable, and Septic System Safe

Since we only use the best of the best, you can rest easy that absolutely everything is hypoallergenic, biodegradable, and septic system safe. All of our products are packaged the smart way using easily recyclable aluminum, and where possible, post-consumer HDPE plastic, and because of our super concentrated formulas we get to keep the packaging nice and small for you to enjoy.

We are on a mission to help people make the smart choice and ditch dangerous detergents once and for all. Live for Tomorrow is more than a brand, it’s a way of life. Join us, won’t you?

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